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i can see the lake from here...
singapore sunset
Yep, in hospital again. We'll see how it goes this time round.

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Good luck sweetie. I'll be thinking of you.

Still alive, this looks to be a long one :( Excited by your mini posts by the way, look forward to reading all the latest news when you get to typing it up...

i will write a lengthy update when i'm up to it. i don't want to jinx anything just yet. but yes, let me tell you, i am in love!

i hope things turn around for you real soon. the world needs you out here, loving life and being loved in return. <3

Hey darlin...you are such a beautiful person and you can get through this - I'm so proud of you for recognizing when you need help and actively seeking that help out no matter how hard it is. That is true strength and character as we both know how hard that can be...

You are amazing :)

Thanks C, it was a real struggle to come here. I was practically catatonic on a bench in the mall and J was like either i call the cops or you stand up and we're taking a taxi to emerg. So, yah, i stood up. I kinda know that i need help but i don't know how much i want it sometimes. I just want to fly away :(

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