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Okay so for the past 32 hours or so i have been having computer dramas. Some time Sunday afternoon i lost all power. Power surge? I don't know. Then Windows wouldn't boot any more. I tried using the Windows rescue console, i tried rebooting, safe mode, unplugging stuff, plugging it in... no joy. "Unrecoverable error on volume". Hard disk fucked? Sounded like it.

Today i burned a Knoppix CD at work. That's a free operating system that runs completely off CD so you can try to fix your hard disk or at least just log on to the net and do some email and browsing. But it couldn't find my USB keyboard. I tried everything. Tried the Windows rescue disk again. Unplugged everything but the hard disk, swapped cables...

Finally i'm logged on. Something like four complete surface-scan chkdsk sessions later. One defrag. No clue if it's really fixed or not, because last reboot it said it couldn't find hal.dll, but this reboot it was okay somehow. There's something really weird going on with the disk. Or perhaps the connector or IDE cable. I just don't know. Either way i need to back up my data as soon as possible.

I am going to buy some of those 64MB USB sticks for backing up. I am also going to buy some new IDE cables, rounded so that as much airflow gets through my case as possible. I am going to do everything i can to protect my beautiful little computer, i will look after it and care for it and baby it because i can't afford to have this happen again or continue happening. Right now my standing fan is blowing directly into the (open) case to keep it cool. I wish i could give the poor thing a massage or make it dinner or something.

In more cheerful news, the weekend was actually really good up until then. I had a great time at a rave Friday night, then Saturday i got a lot of domestic chores done, Sunday i talked to T on the phone... And of course Friday i picked up my ticket from the travel agent so now it's really real - January 23 i'm on my way to San Jose!
Tags: my boring life

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