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girls just wanna have fun

Tonight i actually had a plan to go out and do something. It's Pride week in Toronto and Cyndi Lauper is doing a free concert in a park downtown. I've steered clear of all the other Pride events this year because there is a whole lot of internal politics going on. Given i'm still not entirely sure where i fit in on the GLBT rainbow anyway what little interest i did have got squashed. But Cyndi Lauper, well, you can't miss that, right?

So, after an exhausting trip to the mall this afternoon i came home and we fixed up my roots, freshened my blonde and ate hotdogs for dinner. I was feeling pretty damn good. J and i left with one of her friends at 7 and met up with a couple of other people at the subway. Of course once we got to the park the concert area was fenced off and we were told capacity was 10,000. We waited in line for an hour, and as it got closer to showtime people started streaming in from all angles cutting the line until we ground to a halt not 100 feet from the entrance. By that point it was pretty clear we weren't getting in, so i just said fuck it. The girls wanted to find somewhere to sit outside the fence just to listen but man, i'm too old for that crap. I come to gigs early to avoid the line. J is still out and will probably end up at some club or other, assuming they can get in anywhere.

But i am home. I did take a detour to 7/11 to get a Double Gulp and a bag of chips to recover my good mood from earlier in the day. Yes ridiculous-sized cups of Coke and bags of carbs make me stupid happy. I still have that weird ear infection. I took a Sudafed. I think i am going to watch some TV now.

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