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oh fuck
singapore sunset
I just went to the pharmacy for my first refill since getting out of hospital. Medications are free here when you are in hospital, and for three weeks after discharge. The bill was over $200 for one month's supply. And that's not including my hormones. I was stunned, completely stunned. How in God's name am i going to pay this ongoing?

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That bites. Any sort of subsidy if you're a low income earner or something? Like the Centrestink health care card here in Aus??

Unfortunately as a new immigrant i don't qualify for the health card equivalent, but there is a government drug plan that i might qualify for. It uses some complex income calculation that is going to be interesting for me to work out given i'm self-employed, but i'm gonna be right on it tomorrow morning. I can't afford to not do it, yanno?

Yanno indeed! I hope you fall into the right category.


wow. that's almost like being an american. but in america, the pills would probably cost twice as much. it keeps us tied to corporate wage slavery.

The fiendish thing is the cost goes up linearly with the dosage so i can't even buy a higher dose and split it. Fortunately i stepped down from 12.5mg to 10mg over the weekend or i would've been another 40 odd out of pocket.

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