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out of the frying pan

I still can't make a shortcrust pastry to save my life. Apple pie is my favorite dessert, one with a lot of good childhood memories... It has to be homemade and spiced the way my mom did it to trigger that warm happiness from inside. Fortunately i know how to prepare the filling just right, but every time i bake a whole pie i end up with too little pastry, and it always breaks apart when i roll it out. I just can't figure it out, but failing each time remains enjoyable, and the end result is always good because of the care i put in.

That's the attitude i need to bring to other things. Even when i cook regular meals when i fuck it up i get angry. And then get KFC. Fortunately i don't fuck up regular meals very often or i'd probably be a lot heavier than i am. Tonight i had steak burritos with my usual Southwest-y spices. Barely healthier than fried chicken, but i did go to the gym today... Where of course i was getting frustrated working with one of the few other heavyweights - she was pushing me round the ring with ease. I need to remind myself she's got over 25lb on me. You know, enjoy the workout, just fucking enjoy it.

I did enjoy drumming a little bit today. We got homework this week, to make our first solo. I was thinking about using all kinds of nifty techniques to impress my teacher but i'm just not there yet. I'm going to riff off a simple malfuf rhythm and add something new by giving it a Latin edge instead of doing fancy finger work. I'm scared that i'll blank out and forget it by next week so i need to practice every day. It's good, it's forcing me to practice and it is fun, damnit. Even if i can't separate my hands from each other i'm having fun again and that's a good thing.

I don't really remember where i was going with this. My pie is in the oven refusing to finish baking so i will stop now and glare at it for a while.
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