amw (amw) wrote,

Electricity sucks.

I almost killed one of my synths today when i plugged it in positive tip instead of negative tip. But it survived after i realized i was using the 9V adapter instead of the 12V one. Eek. And my PC didn't boot again tonight, though it seems to be okay now. I need to buy a bunch of extension cords and things to sort out the mess that is under my desk. It's quite possible the reason my PC crapped out in the first place is because i have... let's see... 9 bits of music gear, a clock, standing fan and monitor all plugged in through the same wall socket that it's coming out of. Except the standing fan has only been here since the computer died.

It's frustrating coming home and not being able to log on - i miss that tiny window of time when i can talk to T before she goes to work... Plus of course the clicking around online that de-stresses me so. 107 days, man! Wohoo :-)

Three cheers for Arnold! I want to see programming jobs in California advertized in the local paper again like they were in 99!
Tags: american dream, my boring life, news

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