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Goddamnit but it feels good to wake up early, at least once i've gotten over the initial spaciness. I almost passed out getting blood taken i was so hungry. She said bring juice next time. I stepped right next door to the Tim Hortons and got a coffee and a sausage egg mcmuffin. Freakin sodium yerr. I should've gotten a donut. The thing was, it was the best 20 minutes i remember in a while. The coffee shop is in a bit of a transient area, next to a soup kitchen, university, hospital... The customers are all sorts. I got that buzz like i do when i'm in an airport restaurant or a hospital cafeteria or an offramp diner. Even the coffee stand at the Greyhound station. I fucking love those places, i love this sense that people are on their way somewhere, or perhaps just completely lost and that meal is their moment's break in all the chaos. I keep going back to that dream of owning a diner somewhere, somewhere with a transient population and maybe a few regulars, kids who want somewhere to hang out or weird old guys with bags of stories over their shoulders. The other day J said to me the happiest i've been in the last year was when i was doing my Theory of Food course. She said if i wanted to take the practical we'd figure it out somehow, financially. I dunno. It's a lot of money to study cooking. And really i don't need to cook professionally to own a place, though it'd help. But you don't just manifest a business from thin air either, you need seed money. And a plan. I have little of either.

I'm in the library now. Kids' section. There is a dragon hanging from the ceiling, and a Cat In The Hat. I need to try do a bit of work, though it all seems so unimportant when i'm dreaming.

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