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Last weekend i was pretty much a wreck with everything that'd been going on. Before i looked in my account and realized i was broke i decided to go out and get some dance therapy Friday night. DJ Heather was in town and i hadn't been out since Kerri Chandler in February. God, every time i get out there i realize it's been too long.

There is literally nothing that makes me feel so good as dancing to some awesome tunes. I must've pulled a muscle sparring because within the first hour of dancing my back was killing me, but i stuck through it - 10pm to 4am solid. The opening DJ came up to me at the end of the night and gave me props for perseverance, which was nifty. I am loving living in Toronto with 2am last call - all the trendy types leave early and the heads push through to the end for a real intimate vibe. Not to mention all the big Chicago and NY/NJ names come round several times a year. Other things have been up and down since last Friday, but deep inside i'm still on a high. I need to do this more, i need to.

This week things with J and i have improved somewhat and today i passed my driving test to score a full Canadian license; the world is looking better. I won't attribute any of that directly to going out, but God knows what my mood would've been this week without it.
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