amw (amw) wrote,

Mmm Australia :-P

And i want to write music, i want it to build and build and never stop, i want to slam it harder, drop all the drums and bring in the most evil, twisted guitar riff 303 line anyone has ever heard... and then when it couldn't possibly get any more sik, bring in a fucking nother one and rip heads off, and not even bring the beat back because it's so fuckin sik everyone will be digging it with no beats and then they'll all be like FUCKIN SIK MATE!!!! and THEN bring the beat in and then have people gurgling around on the floor going OH MY GOD THIS IS SIK AS, HEY!!!!! and i'll be like YEAH SIK and then the strobe light will go FLIK FLIK but it'll be like SIK SIK and everyone will be like FUCKEN OATH!!!
Tags: crazy, manic

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