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I'm not used to waking up in the middle of the night in serious pain. You know that pain that's so bad you can't get back to sleep because it hurts too much? Yeah, that. On Tuesday i randomly got a weird neck pain that i ignored. I couldn't turn my head to the left, but whatever, you know. I went to the gym and worked out and that didn't help things much at all. Since then it's gotten worse each day. I can't find any comfortable position to sleep. Even during the day it's hard to find a comfortable spot to sit. We don't have room for a desk so i tend to do my work on my laptop on the couch. Perhaps it's catching up with me. The pain started on the left but now it's spread to both shoulders. J thinks it's stress related. The thing is when my body gives up i can't do the things i would normally do to relieve the stress so what the fuck. It seems to be a pattern, whenever i get too comfortable some other part of my body likes to be a dick. Heh. That didn't come out right. But so be it. Off to a work meeting to show off what i've done the last two weeks.

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