amw (amw) wrote,

Yes Halloween :-)

Halloween has arrived in a bubble post package from California :-) Thank you T! You rock my socks. Halloween socks with dangly skulls, at that. Heee.

But i am not feeling too well today. I woke up feeling very tired and ill, my throat has been hurting for a week or two now but it was really bad this morning. I called in sick, but i still had to send off two synths to a guy i sold them to during my studio clean up. Walked downtown carrying these two big packages and man it would be nice to have a car. (Sidetrack: my dreams of travelling America aren't likely to happen either until i actually start getting used to driving.) I guess it was good exercise, but not really what i needed when i was feeling sick.

So i did that and then i thought perhaps i should get some food to make me feel a bit better. What would be good? Something hot and spicy with garlic and chilis. I realized i hadn't had Kung Pao Chicken since i left America, so i went on a mission. At the third Chinese place i gave up and just went for honey sesame chicken. Australians really don't dig spicy food. No Mexican, very little good Indian and watered-down Thai dishes which usually aren't that spicy to begin with. And to cap it off, i got given a spork to eat it with. I can't think of a more useless instrument to eat Chinese food with, and i managed to spill rice all over the place due to my headache that prevented me from going back and asking for chopsticks. Or at least a decent spoon.

So i'm in Broadway on the Mall Mall (so called because it's one of the malls situated on the main downtown shopping street called Queen St Mall) and i fucking walk up the down escalator again. I swear i've done that about five times in that mall and always when i've been feeling crappy. They've angled all the escalators such so that you can't go up/down to get straight out of the mall, you have to walk around and take an escalator that leads into the center of the mall no matter which way you come from. One day i'm going to fall flat on my face instead of just stumbling like hell.

So i picked up some hair color to do something about my roots that are totally growing out right now... but now i'm home i just don't feel like it. I need to tidy my room and start decorating with Halloweeny things but i'm exhausted. Tired tired i want to go back to bed. I really need to buy some speakers so that i can listen to music without headphones. I also really need to buy a light for beside my bed so i can lie there and switch it off when i get tired instead of getting up again.

I think i will try tidy my room now a little at least. Halloweeeeen is here :)
Tags: australia sucks, my boring life

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