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singapore sunset
I'm spending the night alone again and i've jumped between reading news, preparing dinner, watching a basketball game and work. I just figured out a way to make our site perform much, much better in Firefox and make it snappier for other browsers too (most importantly iPhone, Android and Blackberry). See there's still a part of me that likes the challenge of software development. I don't like working late shifts on release day, i don't like the stress of deadlines and i don't like having to socialize with a bunch of geeks all day... But in my current job i don't really have any of those things. I pick my own hours, which is good because i usually get the best ideas later at night. Although we have target dates there's not much pressure because i have a monthly cap on my pay and can't work overtime. And i have a really cool boss and a graphic designer sidekick, both of whom i rarely see in person anyway. Aside from the pay, this job is about as good as it could get in the IT world for me. And you know... I can deal with that.

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I know the feeling. The pay at AwesomeJob kinda sucks. The benefits are sub par. But the job itself? Gravy. AND FUN AS HELL.

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