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I've known for a little while that there was some flooding going on back in Australia, but to be honest i don't pay much attention to news outside of the US and the Middle East these days so i didn't give it much thought. My mom sent me a long email about it today, though, so i went onto an Australian news site to look up some photos. Holy shit. It is a really big ass flood, and not just in some backwater country towns either. Part of the downtown area of Brisbane (where i lived from 1998 through early 2006 minus my year in the US) is under water. The rugby stadium around the corner from my house from 2003-2004 is under water. A lot of the streets i used to drive on are completely inaccessible now. The parks along the river, the boardwalk i walked along to clear my head, all washed away. Brisbane is quite hilly and somehow by chance i always lived near the tops of the hills, but when you look at the houses in the valleys they are fucked. They're saying on CNN almost 15,000 homes flooded and over 100,000 without power. And spotty cell reception. I think if i still lived there i would be seriously losing my shit right now, even if i did live on a hill.

It's very weird to see a place you know so well get so utterly fucked in the ass. In a cruel twist, i just today received a Christmas card from a friend of mine who i haven't heard from in about 6 months. He moved with his family to Brisbane last year and in his Christmas letter he describes how happy they are to be living in a real house now with a garden. Guess which suburb he is living in? You got it, it's one of the very worst hit, practically all under water. This is the same guy who got laid off on the very morning his wife went into labor. I don't even know what kind of email to write. I pray he somehow managed to buy on a hill.

So when i see a foot of snow in the front yard and i'm feeling all removed and things seem distorted i look at stuff like this and go wow... I am actually very fucking lucky right now. At least i still have my house. And electricity. And a cell phone. Not that i really use the latter, but still. We went to a Raptors game tonight, my first NBA game since watching Golden State at the Oakland Arena in 1993. We lost, but it was extremely close. I've been feeling a bit weird the last few days so it was good to get excited about something, somehow it made me feel more connected. Nice surprise, too - J just bought nosebleed tickets on a whim because some distant cousin is in town and he wanted to go. Now i just need to try pull that through to my moods going forward. Some of the shit going through my head in the mornings lately... Man.

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