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I had a little bit of spare money left after our trip to Boston, but i didn't want to play too loose with it until i knew i was going to make it through January (and the Amex bill) without going into the red. Once it hit February i planned a birthday gift to myself. Since Christmas i've read four books and i'm half-way through a fifth. I've also finished three comic book collections. My bookshelf is sagging and stacked two deep. I decided to get a Kindle. I ordered it two days ago assuming it'd take about ten days to arrive - giving me time to finish my last physical book and maybe browse some free ebooks. Yeah, so it took two days to arrive. I felt kinda guilty opening it this afternoon because J was having a shitty day, and besides it's not even my birthday yet. But it's a shiny new toy!

The first thing i did was install Calibre, which is an ebook management app that can also download news and blog feeds. I creamed my pants when it wirelessly beamed the majority of my daily reading - including photos - to the Kindle without me having to do anything. This is going to almost completely replace my iPod Touch, for everything except for email, LiveJournal and Facebook. And there is a rudimentary browser on there so i can still read my email and do basic web stuff that way. The big win is that it's got free 3G, which means i get internet access anywhere in the world without having to fork out for a smart phone or a hefty data plan. I drop my phone way too often to make a smart phone a wise choice for me. I also drop my iPod all the time and somehow it's survived so far. I hope the Kindle is as hardy.

I need to finish my real book before i go download new books. This might be an excuse for me to actually read some of the classics, since you can get them for free. Then again, that's what i thought a couple years back when i downloaded some classics onto my iPod and promptly forgot about them. But this time no eye strain so maybe it's different. Anyway so that is my happy story of the day. I am now going to make taco salad.

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