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moo... the devil's meat

Lately J has been on a bit of a health kick again so i've been buying a lot of fruit and veges, cooking without oil, all that. I thought last night i'd make her something special so i bought steaks and chucked them in a marinade for a couple hours. Steak is probably one of the things i'm least good at cooking because i don't actually like it. In fact, i don't really like any red meat that isn't a burger or taco. It just doesn't sit well with me, so we rarely eat it. In any case, we made the steaks and they tasted good, but sure enough within the hour i was shaking and had massive chills. It all went downhill from there and i had one of my most miserable evenings (health-wise) in ages.

This morning wasn't much better. I'm still feeling like shit. For some reason i decided to have a cigarette, and that just made it worse. When i was outside i picked up all the garbage bins that had blown over last night... Yesterday was a weird spring day in the middle of winter - it was warm and all the remaining snow banks everywhere melted away. It was also windy as hell. Today it's snowing again, lightly. Lifting up the regular and two recycle bins took everything out of me. I came back inside with tremors and an overwhelming urge to vomit. I guess i won't be doing any laundry today. I feel so weak it's ridiculous. I guess i'll spend the day inside reading and watching TV. I hate being sick. And each time i say "never again" :(
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