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tax woes
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I'm trying my best not to get pissed right now, but it's not working too well. For the first time in over 10 years i'm filing my tax with someone else involved. The last time was when i was 20 and my mom claimed my medical expenses for that year as a deduction for her. Which i explicitly agreed to because she did actually pay my medical expenses, and i was still under 21 (the maximum age). In Canada there are a shitload more deductions and tax credits available, and J's parents want to cash in.

J has never done her own tax. I've done mine since i was 18. There's already a huge cultural gap there. Since we are filing as a married couple for the first time, i bought a tax program and we went through it together a week or two back. At every step the program found more and more bullshit deductions and credits it could apply to me due to us living as a couple. J earned next to nothing last year and i had no tax withheld due to being self-employed, so all those deductions and credits knocked my tax bill from over a grand down to a couple hundred. As usual, i feel a little guilty claiming deductions and credits because i think the whole concept sucks, but that's a political thing, whatever. It doesn't mean i'm going to sacrifice mine for someone else.

J's dad is now terribly upset with me that i didn't apply one of J's tax credits to him instead of to me. For him it would have been "several thousand dollars", whereas for me it just helped a bit toward my bill. It makes me furious that he feels entitled to a child's credit when that "child" is 27 years old and supposedly living her own adult life with her spouse. It makes me even more furious that there even exists such a ridiculous law that parents and grandparents (!) can claim credits from their children in perpetuity. Now he's blaming me for not doing our taxes correctly, when in reality i just don't give a shit. I'm the primary family member, not him. And besides, adults should not be tied to their parents this way, it's fucking criminal.

I am so sick of constantly having her family pulled into shit that's none of their business. Now i need to have some stupid fucking showdown over money - money, for fuck's sake! If i'd known getting married meant having to fuck with my taxes this much... Jesus Christ, i'd rather do my taxes as an individual and pay the whole bill. I am so pissed right now.
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that is annoying. i am way far to the left of you, but it irritates the hell out of me when people claim bullshit deductions. You can't claim an adult child who lives with someone else as a dependent here. In fact, I'm not sure if you can claim them at all past a certain age unless they're disabled.

However, I am all for deductions for a lot of things, mostly the things that only apply to people like you who are legitimately poor.

It's not supporting the poor that i have a problem with, i'm just not big on the idea of deductions based on situation. I think complex tax laws favor the rich because they can afford accountants to find the loopholes. I would prefer they keep a simple threshold - if you earn under the poverty line, you shouldn't have to pay tax, period. Obviously we'd need a higher threshold than what exists in most countries (particularly the US).

This particular tax credit is because J is studying. I guess it's to encourage parents to pay for their child's education no matter how old the child is, but still.

that ultimately is what happens. the lower middle class gets screwed because fancy accountants are out of our grasp. And then I see people complaining that they had to buy a 2nd or 3rd home for tax purposes and I want to murder them.

although i have to admit, if J's parents are paying her tuition, that should be their right-off, but that may not apply up there.

The whole situation is messy because they did give her some money "for school" (unasked for) which she was subsequently taxed on. She took that as a no-strings gift. The credit is actually for any unused amount not spent on school which can either be carried forward to help ease the student's taxes next year or given to a family member to help ease their taxes this year. What stings is that her parents just feel entitled to it and that they are passing judgement on us for simply having done our taxes in a way that best benefits us as a couple. To J this feels even worse because it's like her dad is choosing money over family. And i feel belittled when they accuse me of making a mistake and then say they'll make up the difference on my bill once the mistake is corrected - as if i'm some kind of charity case. It drives me crazy.

that is obnoxious, but then again, if they'd make a whole lot more on the deal than you guys do, i see their logic. still messy.

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