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singapore sunset
J and i are technically under the poverty line in Canada. Just sayin'.

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Where is the poverty line in Canada anyway?

In the US, it's stupid low. So low, most government assistance programs use is a part of a mathematical formula and not an actual cut-off point for anything.

The Wikipedia page says there is no official poverty line in Canada because no politicians want to commit to it, but there is a "low income cut-off" measure, which we fall under.

Got it. The poverty line in the US is a little under $9k for a single person. This is of course far below what someone who lives in metropolitan area could live on without assistance no matter how cheap they are.

Low-income cut-offs do vary by locale here. Since the cost of living in NYC is higher than fuck, the low income cutoff can be as high as $30k+ for a single person, depending on the scale. The nice thing about that is the even with the new healthcare bill here, i would never be subject to a fine if i didn't purchase health insurance. Too po'.

Jeez that's low. It does make a huge difference where you live, that's actually something that's kinda hard to integrate into a national income tax... Probably why some deductions got created in the first place. I should rethink my philosophy heh

yeah, it's gotta be a 40 year old number. If someone had full time job at minimum wage, they'd be above the poverty line. And still starving.

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