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tax woes cont.
singapore sunset
I'm disgusted. I truly am. When i got married i didn't sign up for having my privacy completely violated by a parent-in-law. And especially not just so he could try milk as much money out of my wife as possible. Apparently it's not enough to merely share the forms related to the tax credit he wants J to transfer to him instead of me, he also needs to see the entire tax return in all its glory. Seriously, is there no end to the depths he's going to stoop to? Clearly grace doesn't exist as a concept for him. Even after seeing how badly he hurt his daughter with his initial demands he still wants to go ahead with the same controlling and selfish behavior that hurt her in the first place. I'm aghast, this is just beyond comprehension for me. And it drives me nuts that all the while we've tried to take the high road and it's still raining down. Jesus, when do we catch a fucking break?


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