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Ahh nothing like shoveling snow twice in one day only to have it continue falling into the evening. Springtime in Canada!

For some reason shoveling snow was all i was good for today. Well that and i also tromped through it to go to the grocery store. I can't figure out why some days i sit down behind my computer and just feel at a loss, like my brain simply refuses to do work. Yesterday i got a good chunk of stuff done, but today? Yeah, no. It's not too bad because i'm already at 50 hours for the month, but i wish sometimes i could wrangle more consistency out of my fickle mind. It's what i'll need if i ever start working full-time again. Then again, in a lot of office jobs you can have a down day without anyone really noticing considering half the staff are just on Facebook anyways.

Seth Godin had a post today about creating some kind of split between your work tools and your play tools. How it's too easy to waste time when your laptop can be used just as easily for fun as for creativity. Not that creativity can't be fun, of course, but there's a difference between creating and just passing time. Since i've started working self-employed i've lost that distinction, and it's skewed things the other way. My work email goes to my home computer and all my work stuff is right here ready to attack at the drop of a hat. I don't often get that late-night email, but when i do my brain flicks right back into work mode when i should be relaxing. On the other hand, i also spend a lot of time on my computer having fun when i could be creating something on it instead, doing "work" that isn't necessarily for my job.

I saved up a chunk of money last year to pay my tax bill, which is now going to be a fair bit lower than i anticipated. My first instinct is to keep that money as a safety net, or to save it for some wonderful vacation, but i guess i could look at a cheap computer. I'm not sure if that would encourage me to do more...

...aaand my mind just switched off for about 2 hours so it's now 8:30pm, i have no idea what my point was, and i am very hungry. Blah.

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