amw (amw) wrote,

Extremely unhappy right about now.

Last week was humid week from hell, thunder storms every night, humidity hanging in the air so i couldn't breath, bugs all over the fucking place including this fly that is still in my bedroom pissing me off, sweat sweating lots of sweat going delirious. Yesterday the sky went gray/brown, it was some weird ass shit but eventually it stormed like last week. Today... fuck today. It was hot it was dry, dry like a motherfucker, i woke up my throat was already in pain, i couldn't speak, i struggled through work where we are still having a mini cockroach invasion, but it got worse and worse as the air conditioning made everything drier and drier. I drank about 10 bottles of water, didn't help. Couldn't speak. Just about passed out on the bus on the way home, sprawled across the seats i couldn't breathe i couldn't think i swear i was pretty fucking close to death right there. Or it felt like it anyway. I tried to eat tonight, i've done the healthy thing, my throat is still killing me, my eyes are dry, my forearms are sweaty and stuck to the table getting more rash more rash i hate summer, oh my god i cannot even begin to explain how much i hate summer in Australia. I fucking hate Australian summer. And in summer i fucking hate Australia, period.
Tags: australia sucks, rants, sick

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