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on a slightly related note

I was digging the other day and found two unfinished stories from what appears to be 1997. I have absolutely no recollection of writing them. One has additional notes explaining what happens over the course of the planned 3-part novel (!), though reading it back now i have no idea where i was going with it because it's so scatter-brained. The writing itself is awful, of course. Both stories were set in the future, which makes them an interesting curiosity, because both futures seem even less plausible today than they did 14 years ago. Either that or there was just vastly less subtlety to my cynicism as a 17 year old. Well, there was probably less subtlety to my everything.

I wish i could find that book where i had written a number of other story ideas dreamed up over the years. I always seem to have ideas, worlds in my mind that burst with detail. The only thing i don't have is a plot. This is why i should make video games instead of write books.

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