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surviving steampunks and scraggly beards

I'm feeling strangely self-aware. Over the weekend i was away at a sci-fi convention and although i had my computer with me i hardly used it. This morning i have been busy working again, a crash-landing back into reality. Once i found a bit of free time i opened up my usual websites and felt both out-of-touch and liberated. I missed the news of the weekend, i missed reading the back-and-forth and opining and posturing. But right now all that stuff seems so pointless and hollow. A lot of what i read online isn't really relevant to anything in my life, it's just things i follow because i always have, or because i think knowing them might be useful one day. Meanwhile i'm losing days, missing out on the things i could be doing right now that are important.

I had a really good time at the convention. Surprisingly good. I didn't really meet anyone, but i asked questions of the panelists and learned a lot about writing and science and publishing. One of the things that was a real thrill was realizing that a lot of the crowd was made up of creative types, that it wasn't just the panelists who were writers and artists. I probably missed out on part of the fan experience because i felt awkward dropping into random people's "room parties", but with J's encouragement i did spend some time at a scheduled book launch party and at an impromptu reading in an author's hotel room. I had no idea there were so many published Canadian authors in genre fiction. I have so many new names to add to my Amazon wish list. The whole experience was exhausting and inspiring. It got my mind working in ways that it hasn't in a long time. It was also so nice to be around people who are as passionate about an art form as i am. The only other time that happens to me - though in a much less cerebral way - is when i go out clubbing. I need to get out to do these sorts of things more often, not just experience what i love by myself all the time.

There's more to say, but my brain hasn't been in much of a journaling mood lately.

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