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happy easter

Yesterday was good. I got up very late. I didn't do any work. But i made myself pretty and did the groceries and then went downtown for a coffee with J. She's gone this weekend, off to see a friend in the country. I have all of Easter to myself, so i need to perk myself up and try to make something of it. I bought hot cross buns. And kettle corn in case i decide to watch movies. I actually have enough money to consider a movie in a theater too. It's been a while since i went to a movie alone. If they did matinee prices here i could do it more often. Well, assuming i could get out of bed in time.

Today i woke up around 1pm. I don't have any work to do so whatever, right? Still, it makes me feel kinda pathetic when i know i'm spending more hours asleep than i am awake. I hate how hard it is for me to pull myself out of the haze every morning. Even getting up this late there's a battle to break free of whatever dream world i'm in, to face reality. I wonder if i could wake up earlier if i didn't dream? I get so lost in the story, in whatever's going on in there; it feels more vivid than life itself. And it's cheaper than a movie, matinee or no. Though going to the movies i'd probably get sick of the same storyline of running, hiding, escaping some unseen pursuers... Always on the move, always fighting.

I was in the military again last night. Or at least being protected by a team. Between starts of wakefulness we had to move out of the hotel room we were holed up in and into a cabin on a ship. For some reason it was significant that the ship had a washer and dryer. There go my chores, infiltrating even my dreams. I'm a freakin homemaker who dreams about being Jason Bourne, go figure.

I guess i should do something. For some reason i forgot to get bread and cheese yesterday so i am hoping the corner store will be stocked and i'll just stick my fingers in my ears when they ring up the price. That counts for getting out of the house, right? Saying hi to the corner store guy? Ugh.

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