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doing it wrong
singapore sunset
I started the day okay with my usual oatmeal. I even had sandwiches for lunch. But by the afternoon the chocolate eggs on the coffee table started with their siren songs and i had to eat into their phalanx to avoid falling under the spell. Popcorn was of course also needed, as i was watching a movie. Then i had to have some hot cross buns because it is the spirit of the season after all. Now i am totally carb-loaded and dinner doesn't have the same appeal it did a few hours ago. I did buy a carton of eggs for the occasion, though i'm not sure they'd go down too well now. Also even though egg fights are fun i've never been much of a fan of boiled eggs to eat. And i have no egg dye. But i'm sure Jesus appreciates me having them in the fridge just the same.

Yesterday i watched Restrepo, which was an exceptional documentary shot by embedded journalists in Afghanistan. It was a good end to a day that had me going on a little walk through town and watching The Adjustment Bureau at the theaters. Spring finally sprung, too. (Now that i've said that it'll snow tomorrow.) The day before yesterday i watched Cloverfield, which was nifty. I couldn't find another shaky-cam flick for today, so i watched Speed Racer and might do Repo Men tonight. An up-side of being home alone means i get to watch all the movies J would never watch with me. Of course i could do this any evening she's out, but it just feels more fun when i can make a day of it. And i need a bit of fun.

One thoroughly lame thing has come of this weekend, however. Somehow i pulled a muscle walking yesterday. Or maybe i jumped up on a rock or did something stupid, but it was hardly a day of full-blown activity. I don't like this trend of getting injured doing everyday things. My legs, my shoulders, my freakin back, whatever. I'm 31 man, i should be jumping out of planes or something! Maybe that'd shock me out of my rut too. Hrm.