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mornings should not be this intense

This morning i had to wake up early for a 10am call with a "new" client (actually the same guy i worked for last year before moving over to work 100% for the start-up). Of course first thing i see when i get up and open my computer is 5 emails from my "boss" at the start-up regarding some bugs on the system. Most of the bugs weren't bugs at all, but i couldn't even email her back to say so because the internet went down as soon as i checked my mail. Once the internet came back up i started looking into the other (real) bug, then i had the 10am phone call, then i went back to the bug, now the problem is solved and it's 12:30pm and i'm feeling like crap. This kind of high-pressure situation is exactly what i didn't like about my old job, when all the shit hits the fan at the same time. My bosses always thought i thrived under pressure because i focused like a laser beam and i got shit done, but the reality is it takes so much out of me. I don't crack, but all that stress gets bundled up somewhere in my neck or the small of my back and once i'm out of the fire i just want to cry.

I'm going to have a shower and do the groceries. And then have lunch. And then try to continue working because i need the money (which is why i've started working for two clients at the same time again in the first place). Blar.
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