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workin late again
singapore sunset
Okay so i'm fried. Yesterday i was out of the house at 9am for blood tests and stuff. I had a short break before heading out to the work thing in the evening, which i only got home from just before midnight. Today i've been working on and off all day but suddenly around 9:30pm i found a critical bug in our software that very occasionally caused an information leak between users. This is Very Bad News when people are putting their medical data into a system. The bug is fixed now. Tomorrow i'll have to fix up the data and notify the affected users (fortunately only a couple). This sort of high-pressure/late-night stuff is so draining. My brain completely changes when i'm doing it - i get really focused and i'm capable of thinking much more clearly than normal. Once the job is done, though, i'm hit with a completely debilitating come-down. It was already tough pulling my shit together today after yesterday. I hope i can do the same tomorrow. And then weekend, sweet weekend, hopefully bug-free.

It would be nice to trigger my brain into that hyper-productive mode for things other than work, you know.