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list for future reference

Things i do daily that are probably not worth the time:

flick through 4 message boards about electronic music composition/synths
I only own one synth now and i never use it. I need to sell it and just kiss that dream goodbye. I also never play my guitar or dumbek, though i'd probably be more inclined to noodle around on those than set up a complete synth studio again. If i ever write music again it'll just be using live instruments or software.

smoke 3-4 cigarettes
Yep of course i enjoy smoking them, but they're bad for me and i could buy an extra book every week if i quit.

flick through a couple of Kindle message boards
It was interesting when i first bought it - now it's just compulsive procrastination.

read countless Facebook updates from local promoters advertising their gigs
Even when i see a gig i like and mark myself as "maybe attending", i never end up going. Either i need to start going out clubbing again or quit following every local promoter like it matters. I'm just scared the day i really do need to go out dancing that i won't know how to find the parties any more.

Things i do daily that are probably worth the time:

read a blog from each category: basketball, politics, philosophy, marketing, science fiction, more politics
These sites make me think and keep me up-to-date about the things that are important to me. Admittedly, i probably don't need the basketball blog seeing as i don't have cable and can't watch the games anyway. That's the same reason i stopped reading about wrestling, because it was all commentary on stuff i would never get to see. You could probably make the same argument against following US politics while living elsewhere. Hmm.

read my LiveJournal friends page and Facebook feed (not including promoter updates)
This keeps me in touch with my friends and family, obviously here better than there.

flick through 3 "rave" message boards
It's actually the off-topic conversations i read and contribute to, as a superficial way to interact with people. The days i consider quitting i realize i'd have even less interaction with people, which can't be healthy.

spend several hours reading novels
They just make me happy.

randomly drop in to blogs of authors whose books i've been reading
I like to think that reading about the creative lives of others inspires me to be more creative too. I'm not sure about this one.

watch TV or movies
Often this is part of my quality time with J, but it's also something i like to do alone for the same reason i like to read books.

Of course i also work and do chores and whatnot, but those are the necessities - i'm talking about the optionals. What i'm trying to work out is how much more time i'd have in my day if i cut out the stuff that's probably a waste of time. And maybe some of the other stuff that is just of questionable worth. And if i had more time, what would i do with it? Would i redistribute it amongst existing things that i do anyway, or would i finally be encouraged to spend it on something different, something creative? Am i procrastinating because i just don't have that spark any more, or am i held back from being inspired because i waste so much time?

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