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annual ode to 7/11

7/11 is one of my happy places. It's like the ultimate trashy food/traveler mecca. You walk in and it's all bright lights and bold colors and a jumble of world cuisines. I first came across them in Australia, where there's one on practically every corner. I must have had an iron stomach when i was younger, because my favorite thing before going to a rave - or before heading home in the morning - was to stop in for a hotdog. I don't even want to think about how much money i've spent in those places on hotdogs, smokes, energy drinks and Chupa Chups.

In the US they were far less common, but also far larger. I mostly remember getting jerky there, and Double Gulps. It's the same story in Canada. While in Australia we literally had a 7/11 across the road, here we have a mom'n'pop convenience store on the corner and a 7/11 a half mile away. We don't usually bother with the 7/11 because anything small we can get at the corner store and once we've walked that half mile we might as well catch the subway to the real grocery store.

Of course sometimes i make a special trip. The 7/11 has all kinds of goodies the grocery store doesn't. It's ridiculously overpriced and totally unhealthy, but sometimes i want to spoil myself. The other day J went grocery shopping and accidentally bought store-brand Coke instead of real Coke. It's actually better than Pepsi, but eh. I was hanging for some real Coke so today's special trip was to get a Double Gulp. Yes, this is the highlight of my day, people. We also needed tortillas for dinner, which tragically they did not have. In my shock i ended up buying two candy bars instead, neither of which were 7/11 exclusives. In retrospect i should've at least picked up some of those habanero death chips or the spicy Asian jerky or even a freakin Butterfinger. It ended up coming to $18 for milk, cigarettes, a Double Gulp and two candy bars. Something just ain't right about that. I now have $7 till the end of the month. But at least i am enjoying my Coke, right?

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