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This isn't actually something new, it's been going on for about 6 months, but it's getting worse. Every now and then our water heater "crashes". It just stops heating and we don't find out about it until the water is cold. The "fix" is to power off and power on again, at which point we have to wait a couple hours till it's heated back up. This would be enough of a pain in the ass on its own, but the kicker is we're sharing this house with a couple on the main floor and another person on the second floor, and when it crashes it crashes for everyone. Because i work from home, a lot of the time i catch it first and do the reboot before anyone else notices, but lately it's been happening overnight or during the day when i'm out and then our upstairs neighbors come knocking on the door cranky and desperate for a shower. Our real landlord is across town so it's her mother who lives across the road (K) who collects the rent and manages maintenance. Unfortunately as kind-hearted as K is, she's notoriously slow at getting any real maintenance done. It's also hard to speak to her because her English isn't the best. The past few weeks have been the last straw for the couple upstairs. They speak Greek, so it's easier for them to complain, though it's still taking forever for anything to get done. Allegedly a hot water guy came by today at noon, but because no one was home he didn't come in, even though K was with him and had a key. I was at the grocery store this morning and got back about 5 after twelve, so i'm not convinced this actually happened. This is how little faith i have in shit actually getting done these days. Now i've received confirmation from our real landlord that he'll be coming by at 9pm tomorrow. 9pm? Sure, whatever. As long as the fucking thing gets fixed. I can't even Google the problem because GE don't appear to have any water heater troubleshooting guides online. All i know is it stops heating and then three little lights turn on and the only thing it responds to is a hard power cycle. I thought it might be an electrical issue since the furnace also seems to flip out sometimes, clicking the ignitor for several minutes when it first starts up. Though that's probably unrelated. I should try to talk to K about that too, but it seems pointless now it's summer. Oh yeah, it's summer and my new pill decided to give me hella nausea right while i was standing in a hot and crowded subway car. And then standing in an even hotter and more crowded street car. I was dripping sweat and it took all my energy not to share my lunch with my fellow commuters. Hopefully that will fade quickly. And hopefully we will have hot water again soon. I think i'm due for a good landlord again next time i move.

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