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summer plans

I didn't actually have any summer plans of my own this year. We don't have a car, i don't have any money and i can't really take time off work anyway because i'm paid hourly. I guess i've had aspirations to make more out of my days, but that's a running theme and not specific to summer. Still, two things popped up.

The smaller thing is a wedding of one of J's childhood friends. I've known about this for a while, but it didn't really click until a friend of mine updated her Facebook saying she just went to a wedding. Ah, yeah, totally not my favorite thing. I admit, i've only been to three as an adult, but they've all been awkward. As much as i like the romantic idea of a wedding, i've never felt entirely comfortable at a real one. I think it's partly because of all the extended family there and all the polite smalltalk you subsequently have to make with people you don't care about or will never see again. And then there's the clothes issue. I get so much anxiety around deciding what to wear to these things it's ridiculous. I absolutely hate dressing up en femme. Fortunately i've only had to wear a dress once - back when i was a bridesmaid - but even finding smart pants and a girly shirt are extremely tough for me. I literally feel ill shopping for that stuff. And i most likely will have to shop because it's in July and the two work tops dad bought for me are likely to be too warm. Oh, and i probably can't wear white in any case. Ugh. Also - happy time - this is going to be the largest wedding i've ever attended, and i'm only going to know J's family. Just thinking about it makes me queasy.

On the more cheerful side of things, a couple weeks ago J's parents decided to get her an amazing birthday gift - a weekend trip to New York City. Our minds were totally blown. Originally the plan was to go down the four of us, but it turned out it was going to be easier to have us go down different weekends, so J and i have got the whole time to ourselves. I'm thrilled. I've never been to New York and i can't wait to just walk around amongst the landmarks i've seen in a million movies. We're only there for a weekend, so we won't even come close to seeing everything we want, but still - squee! We're both really grateful. For some reason near the top of my list of stuff to go see was Coney Island. Thinking about it i'm not sure why i'd go all the way to New York City just to play skee ball, or go to an amusement park whose better times are long behind it, but there's me having some romantic idea again. Turns out it's quite a hike in any case, so we will probably end up mostly staying in Manhattan and exploring the various neighborhoods. Because we are both poor i think the plan is to make this primarily an eating vacation. This is something i am very okay with. Because i will be eating in New York, motherfucker.

So that's the summer highlights. I actually hope that more things come up. For too long now one day has been blending into the next where all i do is work, eat, read, sleep. I don't (yet?) feel like i'm a boring person, but i do feel like i lead a boring life. I'd like to rectify that, preferably not by sleepwalking through till i get on the plane at the end of July.

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