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My mom sent up all my stuff i haven't seen for over two years! I didn't even remember i had all of it. There are loads of books, all my teddy bears, some electronic stuff which will be handy in my studio, vases, ornaments, all kinds of stuff that has lots of memories and will make me feel at home. Unfortunately i don't have anywhere to put all of it! I really need to either move out of here or add some furniture to make it truly my place. God i missed my stuff.

And the highlight... oh my God, the highlight... ALL MY CDS FROM P THROUGH Z!!! YES!!! Finally i can listen to U96 and Underworld and Satriani and Steely Dan again. I am so happy about this i can't even begin. I only wish i had a stereo so i could listen to them properly instead of through headphones attached to my mixer.

This has been one shitty week for me. The weather has been really humid and hot and i've haven't been able to sleep more than a few hours each night. Then to stay awake the next day i've been ODing on Diet Coke, which just keeps me up worse the next night. Bad spiral, bad! But tonight i am getting drunk alone with my CDs so the hell with it.

Last week i fixed one of my synths, and modified it too. Ahh, what a geek i am. This weekend if i find time i might do a little more. I found a good point to allow VCO modulation of the VCF for kick ass psychedelic sounds. Does anyone know what i'm talking about or care? No, but hey, whatever.

I realized the other week one of the things that pisses me off about MP3s is that so many people just download pro music now and don't give the amateurs a chance. 5-6 years ago when MP3s weren't around and people uploaded mod files to the net anyone who wanted new techno for free would download those amateur mod files. Nowadays they just get on Kazaa or WinMX, completely ignoring the amateur scene... Add to that the ridiculously large number of new amateurs who just plain suck, and i really believe it's a hell of a lot more difficult to break through as an artist nowadays. Depressing, but somehow i'm going to get there. When i'm happy with my studio and comfortable with live jamming i'll be sending tapes (or CDs nowadays i guess) to promoters and i will play live and someone is going to like it, damnit. Even if none of the people reading my journal download my music, someone is gonna come up to me some day and go "wow, that was fuckin sick" and it will all be worthwhile.

Of course first i need to record some of my new stuff. And i will.

Anyway beer, movie and CDs. What more could a queer want? (Yeah i'm talking to YOU bee-atch!)


Two more months, love.
Tags: making music, manic, music

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