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water woes

Our upstairs neighbors are getting really pissed at the random hot water outages, and so are we. It's 8am and i am up. It went out overnight and everyone had a cold shower this morning. I have two appointments today. Fortunately the first is at 11 so with a bit of luck i'll get a hot shower, but this is ridiculous. Apparently K has the part that is needed to fix the heater, but she's getting some hot water guy in on a favor so there's no specific date or time when it's going to happen. She definitely has a copy of our key now, so there's no excuse not to do it if we're out. I'll go by tonight again to see if anything has been done. I fucking hate fighting with landlords. She's totally flustered and is getting frustrated with our upstairs neighbors' complaints, but it's no excuse, man. I'd be happy if she just said okay we're coming in at 9am next Friday. It'd be a week of more bullshit, but at least there'd be a deadline. Now we're just hanging and hoping that it'll happen at some indeterminate point. We don't know when the guy is going to show up, so i need to be halfway presentable at all hours of the day, every day. We don't want to withhold rent or make an official tenancy act complaint, but fuck she's not making it easy. Sigh. It's not even like we're bad tenants - we never complain about anything, we didn't even complain when we moved in and she hadn't painted the place like she said she would. But one time in two years we need some hot water work done and it's too much to just give us a definite time and date for the repair? Come on.

So now i am awake at this ungodly hour i guess i should do some work, which is probably a good idea given how fucked my day is with the two appointments scattered across it. I forgot about the first one until yesterday so it kinda screwed up all my plans. I've got about an hour stuck downtown at lunchtime where i should probably bring my computer and work at a Starbucks or something. I hate trying to find working space at coffee shops. Once i'm installed it's fine, but i hate doing the dance to see if there's a seat and then rushing back to get a drink before someone else takes it. In my dream world where i sit under a palm tree writing books or something there's always a deckchair reserved for me.

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