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Dropping what little Zyprexa i was still taking has done wonders for my mornings. I've been getting up earlier each day and seem to have settled at around 8 hours of sleep. This means i have 3 or 4 more hours each day than i used to have. I've mostly been filling it trying to get my work done earlier. I'm still really struggling with motivation to work, but even allowing for procrastination i now also find guilt-free spare time during the day. This is a good thing. So i will write my journal.

Canada comes alive with parties in the summer. On July 1 (Canada Day) there are 4 parties that have piqued my interest - Green Velvet, Mark Farina, DJ Sneak/Josh Wink and an all-locals gig. And that's just the house music gigs. I'd probably consider the Sneak/Wink party, but on July 15 the fucking Timewriter is coming to town!

I can't remember when i got my first album of his, but it was fairly recently. Somehow i missed discovering him for 10 years. His music is so fucking lush. It's deep and drenched in thick soundscapes, but it's not like American deep house, which still has roots in disco and R&B. There's a strong German/techno influence, but he doesn't take it too far in the direction of trance. It's kind of its own deep house-y tech-y thing, and i love it. He hardly ever plays outside of Europe, so i figure seeing him is much more of a treat than seeing the American DJs who play here semi-regularly.

I'm a tiny bit scared because the last time i saw a German DJ he bored the hell out of me. He was also a musician whose albums i liked, but when DJing he was so serious and tech-y that it just didn't do it for me. I think the scene over there is very different. Certainly the parties i went to as a teenager in Holland were hard-ass no apologies underground techno. There is a techno scene over here as well, but i guess i don't really expect that vibe to infiltrate my happy little house scene. American house DJs throw in classics and "surprise" tunes as well as the genre nazi stuff. Seeing a European DJ can be a bit more of a chin stroking exercise. Still, the party is only $10. And i haven't been out in way too long.

It's kind of sad that i only went out twice last year - to Kerri Chandler and DJ Heather. In 2009 i think i only saw Frankie Knuckles and that was it. This year, nothing. It makes you realize how expensive clubbing really is when you're not earning a comfortable salary. The cover charge isn't too bad, but drinks and cab fares are ridiculous. I guess the tightfisted approach would be to refill my water bottle in the toilets and take the drunk bus home, but ugh. When i'm out i don't want to have to think about my pitiful lifestyle - the whole point is it's supposed to be an escape.
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