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There's never a dull moment in my life. Yesterday as the day progressed i started to get stabbing pains in my upper arm (the opposite side from where i cut my finger open). By evening it was rendered virtually immobile. I figured i must've just slept on it wrong. Usually these things clear up in about 24 hours. Well, it's the afternoon of the next day now and i've spent all morning struggling to do the most simple things. I had to do groceries because we were out of a few key things, but i bought as little as possible. I'm debating whether to take another ibuprofen. I took one last night, but i'm not sure if it helped. It just sucks that no matter what position i try it fucking hurts just as bad. It's really distracting me from being able to work. And if my journal sounds like a whole lot of whining lately then eh. It's my life. Things will get better. But right now i'd really like to be able to move my arm please k thanks.

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