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singapore sunset
I really like the sound of synths. Not synths that are trying to sound like real instruments, or even airy background synth pads, but big, unabashed synthesizer noises. When i was in San Francisco in 1997 i went to Amoeba Music and bought myself some CDs for our trip to Australia. One was one of those infamous Hypnotic/Cleopatra Records compilations full of unknown artists. I don't think most of those artists ever released anything outside of the compilations, so a lot of it was crazy derivative, but the point was it was pure, no-apologies techno. There was a lot of that released in the 90s. I guess there still is, though most of it is on digital labels now. I sold the CD a long time ago because it didn't have anything particularly outstanding on it, but a few years back i found a cheap second-hand copy and bought it again. It's fun to listen to because it's such a product of its time. And it reminds me of the passion i have for the electronic music of my generation.

I was talking to someone a few days ago about how a lot of ex-ravers my age are settling down with houses, families, whatever. They do still come out for the odd festival or special occasion, but that real passion for the scene is gone. I guess i'm not much different nowadays. I want more, though. I want to be able to still go out and enjoy myself, enjoy this music that i love so much. A big reason why i don't is the money factor, and that's got me really pondering my work situation. I've met almost all of my friends - directly or indirectly - through music, and that's one part of my life i've completely neglected for a few years now. There's a big hole there, and sometimes listening to old cheesy tracks just drives that home.


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