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dancing dancing in our hands

You know i often forget how much i like that special little club we have in this town known as The Beat. It's a gay club from way back that eventually morphed half into a techno club. The techno half (downstairs) has the reputation of being a sleazy crankster dive, but i've always felt comfortable there. I'm not too concerned what classier-than-thou clubbers and ravers think. And that's what makes the place great, because noone else is concerned either. It attracts a whole range of people from gay guys and dykes to ravers to alternative rockers, the Asian crowd, whatever.

Everyone dances and bounces around like crazy to the hardcore coming out of the speakers at excessive volume. The strobe lights go half the night, smoke machine works overtime, bodies slick with sweat, people do whatever the hell they want. There's no "right" way to dance at The Beat, no bouncers telling you to quit headbanging or randoms telling you to put your shoulders back because "women shouldn't hunch over when they dance". Bumping into someone is always a smile and a mouthed "sorry" and a touch of hands and it's okay. You go to the bathroom and you won't be accosted by e-addled morons going "how's your night been?" and "what're you on tonight?" There're no sleazy fucking men around. Well, okay, there are always people there to pick up, but they don't just grab your ass on the dancefloor like some prick did to me at Family.

It's always been the clubs that are open to everyone that i feel the most comfortable at. Even though there have been drink spikings and God knows what else there i've never once felt afraid or uncomfortable (clubbing common sense item #1: don't ever leave your drink where you can't see it, derr). The drag shows are fabulous, gay couples can do their thing freely, people smile... And those who have bad experiences need to get clubbing common sense item #2: don't give attitude and you won't get any either.

So anyway, yeah, i had a fun night last night out on my own. I was celebrating the end of a project at work that has been dragged out and dragged out and finally on Saturday i went into work and finished it. What a relief. Now i feel i can relax a bit more over the Christmas break. I've been so exhausted recently. I'm struggling to make it into work on time, and as soon as i get home i'm plonked down in this computer chair to talk to Tina, but i'm often pretty incoherent and sleepy by then already.

It's also been disgustingly hot the past couple days. Today was incredibly humid and overcast... finally it started to rain - there was some huge thunder but it never got to more than a bit of drizzling. My fan has been on all day. I'm still hot. And tired, very tired. Did i mention waiting 45 minutes for a cab to get home this morning? That sucked. I could've walked home in 20 minutes. I will try to get an early night tonight and wake up tomorrow for the last full week of work before the Christmas break... And then... and then who knows. I will probably sleep for those four days.

But then T :-) I go back to see her toward the end of January and i can't wait. My love, my love... she always makes my heart smile.
Tags: raving

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