amw (amw) wrote,

WTOP saves the day (again)

So a friend calls me around 8 to say we got Saddam. Check the web, Fox has broken the story, ahead of Drudge. A few minutes later it's everywhere else. Turn on the TV, nothing. Leave the TV on flicking channels, nothing. No update, nothing. Then a news update comes on, not even a mention. Finally we get the press conference live. And then that was it. No further discussion. Nothing. Man i was pissed.

I won't get into it again because it already happened with the war, with Columbia, with the 2000 elections, with just about everything important that's happened since i came to this country in 97. I was livid. FederalNewsRadio and VOA were too busy to serve up a decent stream. WTOP saved the day. Now i have to weigh up whether i should go to bed now and find myself with zero audio/video news until i get home from work tomorrow, or wait for the president's address and only get about 3-4 hours sleep. Why do i need to know? Why does it matter? I don't know.

I do know. I feel incredibly isolated in this country at the best of times, and when something is happening in the world, something significant, i feel all the more isolated because the Australian press ignores it or goes off on some left-wing tangential commentary instead of reporting the facts. It's rubbing in the fact that i'm far away. When something happens overseas it opens the wound again, the pain of being stuck in this country, away from the woman i love... and i need the news, i need to immerse myself in the information to bind the wound, to put myself back together again so i don't break down and cry and cry because i'm not with her.
Tags: australia sucks, depression, news, relationships

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