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faster than i thought

This weekend i applied for five jobs, thinking i may only hear back next week (if at all). By yesterday afternoon i had three interviews lined up - two with HR guys and one with a development director. I absolutely did not expect things to move this fast. I haven't had time to talk to my current boss. I've decided to tell her i'm looking at full-time opportunities in our next in-person meeting on August 4. I feel more comfortable letting her know up-front than springing two weeks' notice on her when i know how much the company relies on me. It's still going to be a really shitty conversation because i do believe in what the company is doing and i wish i could stick it out, but it's just not healthy for me any more. Of course it's going to be an even shittier conversation if i'm already close to receiving an offer by then.

The nice thing about getting three calls back within 48 hours is that it's rekindling my confidence a little bit. Even if none of these jobs pan out, at least it shows that i have marketable skills that people want. I'm not as isolated from the scene as i thought i was. I might not have the enterprise skills the banks are looking for, i might not have the Web 2.0 skills the start-ups are looking for, but i do have a reasonable niche somewhere in-between.

I've spent a lot of time over the last two days reading up on the latest technologies to kinda refresh myself and get a wider picture than what i'm getting just via the work i'm currently doing. I know whatever i end up doing i'll be dropped in the deep end as usual (no two IT companies ever do things exactly the same), but i'm getting more comfortable with the idea of a move.

I'm also getting comfortable with the idea of waking up early. I've been up at 7am every day this week, though admittedly i'm not lucid till well after 10. Perhaps i need to start drinking coffee in the morning again.
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