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Both of the jobs i had telephone interviews with this week have already scheduled me for second interviews next week. The job i really wanted, where i got an in-person interview straight off the bat, looks to be a go for a second interview next week too, once they've worked out the scheduling. I've never gotten so much response so fast - and they're all real companies too, not recruiters. Did i somehow get a secret society membership when i passed the "ten years experience" threshold last year?

I really hope i get the job i want. It's a perfect match for my skills and the company has a nice feel to it. The other two look okay, but i'll have to try get a better sense of their corporate culture when i go in next week. They're both consulting companies that don't have a single product - they whore out their development skills to build whatever custom projects come their way. I'm not sure if i'll feel happy in a company where i don't get to be a part of creating a cool product that is marketed and builds user share over time. We'll see.

I'm wondering if i should apply for any more jobs this weekend. I don't want to get my hopes up for the three coming up, but i also don't want to assume everything will go well and potentially miss out on other good opportunities. I don't have the space to do any more interviews next week anyway, so perhaps i should let it go, but what if none of the jobs pan out and then i missed out? I'm not sure what the right thing to do is in this case because i've never had so many second interviews on the table at the same time.

Given all this, i think i owe my current client/boss an email to let her know i'm looking. If one of these second interviews leads to an offer then by the time i talk to her in August it'll just be to give my notice, and that would be kind of crappy. I know i probably "should" let her know in person, but unfortunately she's on vacation at the moment, so it's just shitty timing all round. I've already kinda drafted an email and will probably get it out this weekend when i've calmed down a bit. I have been all go all week and i am totally fucking drained right now.
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