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At one of the job interviews i went to a couple weeks ago there was a sign on the door announcing that there was going to be a Being Erica shoot in the building that weekend. It made sense because it was a loft-style office in a yuppie neighborhood and Being Erica features lots of both. When i left the interview i walked downtown straight through the middle of a Flashpoint shoot. It was a little unnerving to see cops in full SWAT gear on the street, even after passing the sign warning me that i would be granting permission for any footage to be used in the show. If you see a tall tranny in interview clothes next season, blame Canada.

But, you know, Being Erica and Flashpoint are like Degrassi - they're set in Toronto anyway so whatever. What's really cool is living in a city where so many other shows that i watch are filmed. A lot of the low-budget sci-fi that used to be Vancouver's claim to fame is here now - Warehouse 13, Nikita, Falling Skies, Alphas... It's pretty funny when you see the exact same abandoned subway station (Lower Bay) standing in for disparate NYC subway stations in multiple shows. I'm really enjoying spotting the familiar streets and neighborhoods and seeing what they've changed to make it look more American - and what they've left the same! This a tiny fulfillment of one of those vague, ineffable dreams that i've had all my life. I actually feel like i'm living somewhere that matters now, even if it is only just because it appears in a few TV shows. I feel more "real".

I also find that my trip to New York has been growing on me for vaguely related reasons. When i was there i bought some comics. One comic i read is a superhero-noir set in the Lower East Side. Because i haven't been able to afford a new comic in years i had completely forgotten the storyline, so i went back several books to re-read it all before cracking the new one. It was so cool to see references to places i went while on vacation and see street corners and signs that were familiar. I hardly took any photos this vacation for some reason, but these stylized illustrations made me feel like i took a little bit of the city back with me. It's almost like they better fit with the way i remember things anyway.

Somehow the cities in fiction exist so much more vibrantly for me, so when i feel like i can visit those cities, then i feel like i'm more alive.
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