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the lead-up
singapore sunset
It's been a long few days. J has been away with a friend since Thursday night, so i've been left to my own devices. Naturally that means i don't go to bed till sometime in the morning and don't wake up till after noon. Friday i didn't get anything done all day i was so depressed. Saturday i managed to get down to the grocery store to do some shopping. Today was better - i got up early enough i could actually have breakfast. I vacuumed and showered and did laundry and even caught up on some of the work i missed Friday. I'm groomed and my clothes are picked out and my bag is packed and i'm charging my Kindle. I'm ready for my first day. I just need to get my ass into bed before midnight tonight so i can get up by 7. I'm going to chalk up the lack of energy and general malaise of the past week to nerves, and i hope it will fade once i'm in the swing of things. I'm not really anxious about the work itself, i'm just anxious about my ability to keep my shit together well enough to actually do the work. So. We'll see.