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Four days in and i'm doing okay. I am very, very tired, however. Yesterday in particular was killer. The internet was down when i woke up, so i missed that tiny sliver of time i get to relax in the morning before heading out to work. Worked all day then only stopped to drop off my bag before driving up to the suburbs for dinner with the in-laws. There was a huge thunderstorm on the way back and we had to walk a half mile from the rental car place. We arrived home around 11 sodden and sapped.

As expected, i have been struggling to get up. This is J's last week of work before school starts again so i won't be able to use her as my alarm clock past Friday. I'm not sure how i'm going to manage.

The guys are nice. It's oddly reassuring to know software developers are exactly the same on opposite sides of the world. Instead of foosball and a pool table there are a bunch of consoles in the lunch room where Call of Duty seems to be the game of choice. It's good to have some social interaction again. I think the work itself will be interesting, though the basic infrastructure of the system has some serious flaws. Because of the way it was designed it's very hard to modularize and test, which means lots of frustrating times ahead. All i can hope for is that i get an opportunity to clean it up - that's one of the aspects of software development i enjoy the most. In fact, my first task is a clean-up that i proposed on day two, but now i've started it i'm seeing just how huge and painful it's going to be. Yay me, i'm an engineer again.

Though i will earn significantly more in this one week than in all the prior three weeks of the month put together. So that's nice.
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