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I was never a radio listener when i was growing up. I guess i preferred finding new music by browsing record stores and just picking up stuff that looked cool. Aside from listening to news radio to follow current events live, the only times i used to listen to radio were when friends of mine were DJing. Of course they always DJed on obscure community radio stations playing whatever fringe genre they were in to. I guess i just kinda fell into the assumption that all radio was like that.

Since we moved to Canada J and i have been home together quite a lot. We have completely different tastes in music, so neither of us can play our own collections without the other screaming. We tend to compromise on the most inoffensive and generic internet radio stations we can find. It's been a little disappointing finding out how pop radio stations are programmed. It almost seems like the same ten songs are on loop every hour. Plus there are ads. And the DJs somehow find absolutely nothing interesting to say about the music they're playing. But whatever.

Now i have started work, i need to get up early. My cellphone alarm isn't cutting it. We were at Wal-Mart the other day and J picked up a $10 alarm clock to go on her side of the bed. After a few days it migrated to my side, i guess because i needed it more. It was a pain in the ass trying to find a radio station we both liked, so eventually i just chose the one where the music sounded most like it'd wake me up. I had flicked it on to a hardcore punk show, and they were unrelenting with their loud DIY/garage aesthetic. I didn't know bands still released stuff like that. Grinding hardcore is sure to wake the dead, right?

Next morning i wake up to the sounds of some cruisy Jamaican DJ taking a phone call from his crazy uncle who's humming a request. Then it's some underground hip-hop. Then an American Indian (First Nations?) acapella. And then this morning a highbrow jazz cover of Mr Fingers' "Can You Feel It" (one of my favorite songs). For a moment there i thought i was still sleeping it was so surreal. But i googled it and there it was. Now this is radio i can get in to. Never anything i expect, never anything i would remotely consider listening to on my own. It's all unfamiliar enough that it still jars me awake, and each day it makes me smile or go what the fuck or want to turn the alarm off in horror. Certainly a lot more fun than vapid DJs or the same ten songs on loop.

Which isn't to say i wouldn't mind having a real stereo again, one that could wake me up with music i like, but for now this is nifty.

Work is continuing. It's exhausting. I'm getting more comfortable with the code and the guys. It's keeping me busy, and that's a good thing. I don't know what to do with my money. I kinda feel guilty for being paid what i'm worth because i don't really need it. I need to get out of the mindset of never going out, never buying anything nice for myself, never feeling like i deserve anything. I'm working really fucking hard. I guess i do deserve some nice stuff.

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