amw (amw) wrote,

Back, Jack, do it again...

Man i love that show "Do Over". Christmas/summer is the shitty time for TV in Australia, just about everything they show sucks serious ass. But occasionally they'll re-run stuff people didn't like the first time around, hence "Do Over". For those who haven't seen it, it's about a 30-something guy who gets hit on the head and suddenly finds himself transported back into the 14 year old kid he was in the 80s, but with all his memories of the future. Because he turns out to be stuck in a dead-end office job and living a fairly miserable life, he resolves to try change things in his past... never succeeding in changing anything big, but always learning a bit more as he goes. It's fun for me because i'm 10 years younger and already for years i've had dreams of suddenly waking up 10 years old and de-fucking-up everything i've fucked up.

In other Christmas Sucks news, i'm going to be alone again this one. Ever since i moved out of home Christmas has been a bit of a nothing day for me, but at least where i used to live there were some stores open where i could get some nice breakfast or rent videos... now i live too close to downtown where everything is closing. I wouldn't mind having an extra day off if there was at least something good on TV or the net, but that's not going to happen either. Actually having said this i am going to really enjoy having four days off, even if i don't earn any money. I'm pretty exhausted.

Today i woke up with a killer throat ache. I'm sick way too often, and i bitch about it way too often too. T usually catches the brunt of it :-( I should probably see the doctor again or something.

Am i thrilling or what? Apparently gone are the days when i used to wax lyrical about things, if i ever did. This journal is turning into a memo to my parents, and they don't even read it. Latest amw memo: amw gets out of bed, goes to work, comes home, goes back to bed. Fun!!!

How about some more fun? I updated the OS on three of my synths today. It's ridiculous you need to update operating systems on musical instruments these days, but there you go. Also the other day i decided to sit down a bit more seriously and plan out my drum situation, which is my biggest annoyance with writing music. I never spend much time on drums because i much prefer melody to percussion, but you still have to have decent percussion when you write techno or the 95% of people who ONLY like drums will get bored. Times like this i wish i was just writing rock music or something.

It is extremely humid and hot and i have a headache. How bored are you yet? Nobody loves me any more.
Tags: making music, my boring life, sick, tv

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