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they stole the sears tower!

I am beginning to suck at this online journaling thing. Or i am beginning to suck again - it's episodic. Work is kicking my ass. We had a release due last week so we worked through the weekend getting it done. There is still a lot missing and we need to do a point release in a month, so the pressure is still on, but the biggest chunk is out there with customers now. Last Wednesday they put on drinks in the office to celebrate. Of course that turned into drinks at the corner bar, which turned into another night out past last call. I'm getting into the bad habit of being extremely hammered with my coworkers. On the up-side, the only ones who stay as late as i do are as wasted as i am, so any stupidity is shared. Thursday i felt like hell. It wasn't all bad, though - upper management gave us Friday off for working so hard on the release.

Having the Friday off was pretty convenient, because i was flying out to Chicago that afternoon and was entirely disorganized. Much like the New York trip earlier this year i didn't really plan anything, and because i wasn't going with J i planned even less. I don't really mind traveling aimlessly - it's more about the journey for me than any particular destination - but it was a bit lame when i realized i still needed to pack and find my passport and print out all my details just a couple hours before the flight was scheduled to depart. Fortunately i left from the downtown airport, so it only took a half hour from Union Station to get to the airport, check in and get through security. Fastest airport ever. They have free drinks and cookies in the lounge too.

Chicago was a fucking blast. I met up with quit after arriving and grabbed some Mexican food before kicking back and chatting all night. Woke up hungover after a couple hours sleep and went for a walk and a coffee. Later she joined me to head downtown and see the sights. The only thing i really wanted to see was the giant bean in Millenium Park, which was even more awesome in real life than it is in pictures (though way more crowded too). We spent the afternoon wandering around the city then headed back to her place to nap and get ready for the night ahead.

My reason for booking this weekend specifically was to see Derrick Carter play at Smart Bar, which is a club i've been wanting to visit for years. After we pulled our sleepy asses together we caught up with one of E's friends and then headed on down. It was awesome. The music was fantastic and the vibe was off the hook. I haven't had so many random happy conversations with people in years - here in Toronto and even back in Melbourne people seem less open that way. I was having a wonderful time, so it was a bit of a shame to leave early, though it was in search of further adventure. We went to an afterparty and then crashed for a couple hours before struggling back in the afternoon. Killer hangover or no, i still had to make my flight.

Got back Sunday night and pretty much collapsed. Monday i made it to work, but it was tough to get out of bed. I am getting old and i don't like it. Still, i'm not gonna use that as an excuse to not have a good time :-) All in all i had an amazing weekend. It was really good to just hang out with a friend. I'm so desperately fucking isolated here in Toronto. And it's been even longer since i've had someone to go out party with - most of my Australian clubbing friends left Melbourne before i did. Somehow i need to find people here, but it's been tough. Even at parties i'm not really meeting anyone. At least i'm beginning to build some superficial connections with a couple of the late night crew at work. And fuck, i am earning enough now that it's not a completely crazy idea to travel to the US every now and then. We'll see.

There's a whole lot of not much more going on in the land of A. Something that most certainly was an impulse purchase a couple weeks ago was a new laptop, which arrived Monday. It's got multi-colored LEDs that you can control in software, which looks ridiculously cool. Also it's not a Mac, so it can actually play games. I might get back into that a bit. At some point when i'm less tired i'll need to consolidate my files and decide what i want to do with my old laptop. It is over three years old now, but it still works fine. The whole being less tired thing kinda sucks. I've got an audit outstanding from the tax office that i need to get to, but i think i've blown my deadline with them. Family and friends are waiting for emails. Still gotta put away some of my shit from the trip too. Eh whatever. I worked hard today. Make dinner tonight, watch some TV, then we'll see.

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