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Not so Halloweeny

It seems the only thing i did for Halloween this year was party it up. Things were so busy with work i just didn't feel in the mood or have the energy. I did decide to go out to a rave, however. The DJs playing weren't really my style of music (Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano are more known for techno than house), but it was going to be a massive warehouse party of the likes i haven't been to in years so i figured why not? Also i really need to get out more often so that i can actually meet some people in this damn town. So i did. And it was fun as hell.

There was one other DJ who was supposed to play - DJ Sneak, the self-proclaimed house music gangster. Of course he got stuck in New York because of the weather, so i didn't even get to see the one set i wanted to. Still, the other two guys banged it out and i didn't hate the music at all. It kept me dancing all night, but not so hooked that i couldn't tear myself away from the dancefloor. That was good because it meant i got to chat to a bunch of people, a couple of whom even recognized me from the warehouse party a month or two back. Of course i didn't get any numbers because i kinda suck that way, but maybe we'll meet again.

Toward the end of the night i was pondering what to do, seeing as the party was way out in the suburbs where it would've been a $50+ cab ride home. It was that time where everyone is grouping off to go to afterparties, and i always feel a bit awkward crashing other people's gigs, but i started chatting to one guy who seemed pretty friendly. I got a lift back to his place with his buddies and we just kicked back with a few beers and whatnot. It was good times. I left around 10 with my first Toronto number in over a year. We'll see if that turns into anything or if it was just one of those one night rave friendships.

The party was awesome, in any case. Almost everyone was in costume, so i felt a bit lame for just wearing all black. It was wicked to be in a warehouse space and dance amongst 1000+ other nutters. The lighting was great - it's the first party i've been to in years where they worked out the strobe light (i guess it's passe in nightclubs these days), so that was cool. Kinda sucked that last call is 2am in Toronto but given how much i spent on alcohol in just two hours it was probably a good thing. Things got pretty fuzzy for a while there. I'm just so happy i went, though, i needed it.

In a couple weeks Carl Cox is playing the same venue. I'm tempted to go just because it's Carl Cox, but he's more of a techno DJ too so i dunno. It's going to be pricey too so yeah. We'll see.

I realized the other day that i completely forgot to write about another highlight of a few weeks back, before i went to Chicago. I went to a reunion party for a Toronto house music nightclub that closed in the 80s! Robert Owens was performing, and i have a bunch of his CDs so i couldn't miss it. It was crazy being there, where almost everyone was 10+ years older than me. I was a minority being white, too. The music, holy crap, i haven't heard that much classic (80s) house played ever. It was so cool to hear it all on a big system. I even got into some of the disco and funk, though admittedly that stuff is pushing it for me. Totally awesome crowd, though, everyone was so happy. They throw those parties on a semi-regular basis here, so maybe i'll catch a few more of them too. Different vibe to the more rave-y events, and to the contemporary house nights, but still very cool.

Anyway, such is my life. Work all week, go out and play on the weekend. I gotta say it feels good to be back. It's hard sometimes to get a moment to breathe, but i'm not depressed any more and that rocks ass.
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