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Last night i didn't actually leave the house till around 11:30. I remember it turning 9 and i was like, okay, even if i do end up heading out, i should take my meds now so i don't miss three days in a row. Yeah, so something broke between me having that thought and actually walking the 20 feet across the apartment to do it. Fuck! This is probably the longest lapse i've had in a while.

Thursday night was a fucking disaster, saved only by the next two nights. I went out with my new buddy from Philly, but somehow i bumped into my work colleagues who had also decided that they would be out drinking after work. Philly boy went home early to save up for the weekend (smart move), so i proceeded to get completely wasted with the remaining colleagues. To the point where i massively overshared, for work. Massively. And then to top it off i got home around 4am, blacked out, and woke up after 11. Had to call in sick. Felt absolutely fucking terrible. That sort of night is exactly the reason i've decided to stop/curtail my drinking in the past. OMG. Fun while it happens, SO not fun the next day.

Of course this weekend J was out with friends every day (birthday parties, other events) so i was left to my own devices. Decided to go out Friday too, to a local gig that was free. I figured i'd save money, the gig ends at 3, have a nice, civilized evening. It did actually start out that way. Even come last call when some random decided to give out shots i kept myself pretty much together. The music was great, the people were really fun, so i had a good time. It was the last night that Philly J was in town, so he wanted to rage it. When the party ended at 3 we went on a massive detour to find a rumored afterparty that wasn't there, so we ended up spending $25 to get into a different nightclub that was closing at 5 anyway. Sooo stupid. The music was alright, but there seemed to be a bunch of douchey guys there, and i just wasn't feeling it. So much for saving money. Still, the first part of the night was worth it.

Yesterday i was feeling seedy, though it was probably more residual seediness from Thursday than anything i did Friday night. I colored my hair, which was much overdue, and snuggled up at home in sweat pants watching TV shows. Cooked dinner, played some video games, and then... well, why not go out again? If i hadn't met Philly J at Carl Cox (who had jetted off home by this point) i wouldn't have gone out at all until Saturday, when there were three events i was interested in. Given my state i decided to go with the most chilled, which was a retro house event thrown in part by the promoter who's done a few other parties i've been to since coming here. It was private/invite-only, so alcohol all night and smoking inside. Could be a recipe for very messy times, but i just wanted to dance to some good music and relax from the previous two days. It was SO the right decision. Awesome crowd, lots of smiles, lots of classic tracks. I just about lost it when Inner City - Good Life came on. Plus i heard Robert Owens - Bring Down The Walls, Ralphi Rosario - You Used To Hold Me, Babe Instinct - Disco Babes From Outer Space... So much fun. Stayed right to the end (Armand van Helden - You Don't Know Me) and cabbed it right home. I fucking love house music.

So here i am, another day on my own. Feeling pretty good, danced it out. I managed to do the groceries yesterday so no real chores to do today. I'm just going to take it real easy and go to work Monday and try make up for missing a day. Which i still feel guilty about. So yeah. Jimpster next Friday. Fuck me. There is so much good stuff going on in this town when you actually have the money to go.

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