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Last weekend i went out to see Jimpster, who is a fairly well-known deep house name. I was really looking forward to it, but once i got to the party i just wasn't feeling it. The music was a bit too slow/boring and the crowd seemed insufferably clubby compared to the other gigs i've been going to lately. Oddly, three or four people came up to me who recognized me from past gigs, so it must've just been my mood. I ended up leaving early and going to a crazy party in Chinatown that served alcohol all night, allowed smoking inside, real loose/oldskool feel. The music was amazing too so i had a blast.

I took it easy the rest of the weekend and went to work Monday, only to get terribly sick by the afternoon. I hardly ever take sick days for colds (i tend to save them for depression/craziness) but this week i took two days off. I made it in Thursday and Friday, but i was feeling awful. Somehow Friday evening things got weirder. J was out (and she's out tonight too), so i picked up a few beers to chill out. I came home to play some video games, but my thoughts weren't coalescing. Feeling very spun out and incoherent. That continued this morning. I've done some chores but it's like a dream, like i'm not really here. I don't know if it's anxiety or dissociation or whatever, but ugh. Can't control my brain any more. And this is my weekend in! I'm still trying to recover from being sick, so i'm behaving myself and everything. Stupid crazy. I can't even really explain because i'm embubbled.
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