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The last couple weeks have been a bit weird at work. Our director sent out an email laying down a new policy that had three main points - no more working from home, everyone has to be in 9 to 5 and no more playing video games on the lunch room consoles. Needless to say i was pretty upset, even though none of those policies directly affected me. I just value working at a company that provides work from home options, flexible hours and entertainment for the staff. That's one of the reasons i chose to work here. It came as a surprise to everyone - including our managers! And to make matters worse, all three managers were going on vacation directly after the announcement, so we didn't even have a chance to talk to them about it. With all that fresh in our minds, a pre-planned drinks night that Friday turned into a massive bitch session. It ended very poorly when a couple of us changed bars to somewhere much less exciting, and then i got even drunker and dropped my phone in the toilet. Also, i puked. Fuck! I was so seedy the next day (and pissed that my phone wasn't working) that i decided against heading out to a gig where a friend was DJing. But anyway. Cue the following week.

So yeah, last week the managers weren't there, and the director decided to have his "clarification" meeting about the new policy. The meeting went off on all kinds of tangents, the boss started gossiping, one of my senior colleagues went on a huge rant about a different department, and nothing got resolved. Essentially there's no particular reason for the change, it's just that the director thinks it's the way we should work so that we become "more efficient". Which has been clearly disproven in the modern business world. My guess is that the company isn't doing well, so he's trying to make us look more professional, so that if layoffs come, they won't come on our side of the fence. But he doesn't respect us enough to tell it to us plainly, so he's just coming off as a jackass, and meanwhile the morale is rock-bottom. There's no incentive to work hard when you aren't treated like an adult. I need to write an email to my manager to vent a little bit and let him know that although i'm going to stick around because i'm not the kind of person who would quit in my first few months, i'm very unhappy.

An attempt to get the managers to come out for drinks Thursday night failed, because although they were back in town they needed to spend time with their wives after the break. Good for them. Less wisely, a couple of us headed out for drinks anyway, making Friday rather miserable. Then, instead of recovering, after work i went out to a snap party that had just been announced the day before. There weren't many people, probably because there had been no time to promote it, but i saw my friend DJ who i missed the previous week. The gig got shut down at 4am, which bummed everyone out (it was supposed to run till 6), but fortunately we were invited along to an afterparty. I had no idea at this point how epic said party would prove to be. We hung out at one girl's place until the liquor stores opened at 9am, and that was a hilarious and wonderful experience on its own. There was drag, talking zebra heads, oversized sunglasses, gas masks, all kinds of mischief. Then we moved the party to a different house (via the liquor store) and things got less zany but far more messy. People slipped away over the course of the day, but somehow me and another guy (and our host) ended up going till after 4pm. Sunday. We had amazing chats, listened to tons of music, watched some random TV, ate a nifty garlic bread concoction, argh... Such a good time. It's been years since i've been to such a ridiculous afterparty (Brisbane raver days) and man oh man what a blast. I really hope i can keep in touch with these guys, because they're an awesome crew.

In other news, there isn't much other news. Work is stressful and slightly depressing because of all the bullshit. Outside of work i am so drained i can barely focus long enough to write anyone outside of text messages. I play video games because i don't need any brainpower. I go out on the weekend to recharge, but not every weekend because i am all responsible n shit that way. Har. Also so i can spend some time with J. I've been skipping my medication a lot. Partly because i don't want interactions when i'm out and other times it's just random apathy. I guess i'm still okay since i'm still here. My sister is coming out to the US to meet her beau next month and i should probably try see her, but she's being a massive flake about where and when. Apparently they're going on a road trip and don't have any plans, which has already screwed up my mom's plan to come meet them, and i figure if she can't even give mom a straight answer what hope do i have? We'll see. Planning shit sucks when there's anyone besides yourself involved. Right now i don't care. I'm still fucking exhausted from the weekend, and i need to cook dinner. Blarrr.

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