amw (amw) wrote,

Christmas and movies and ugh. Hot.

Stolen from Jenn, kinda... I'm not sure why. I'm bored.

Movies from the IMDB top 100 that i really enjoyed. I would've listed all the ones i've seen, but it's well over half and a lot of them suck and others are just kinda good but not great.

24 Lawrence of Arabia (1962)
45 L.A. Confidential (1997)
58 Wizard of Oz, The (1939)
61 Alien (1979)
85 Aliens (1986)
87 Blade Runner (1982)
92 Donnie Darko (2001)

Movies from the IMDB bottom 100 that i enjoyed. I've actually seen a scarily large number of movies off this list too, and i have to say a lot of them aren't even close to the worst movies ever. Most of them were enjoyable in their own way, but a handful are really worth a look.

40 Rollerball (2002)
45 Spice World (1997) (much better than you'd think)
49 Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997) (for old times sake :-)
55 Barb Wire (1996) (it's campy chix with guns fer cryin out loud!)

Yes it's Christmas Day. It is devilishly hot. Hot like something unbelievable. It's crazy. I've done, well, nothing today. Woke up late, opened my gifts from T and smiled at her talent for finding amazing gifts with so much feeling and thoughtfulness. Lay around for a while dying in the heat, then called her to say hello and happy Christmas Eve. And since then i've just been sitting around online kinda blank. It's weird, i thought i'd feel more lonely than i am. Instead i just feel very bored and empty. Nothing's open. Noone's online. No webpages are being updated. It's hot. Very very hot. It's surreal, almost.

I did bake a brownie. Yup. And tonight once it cools down maybe i'll even cook dinner. In fact i'll have to cook dinner because nothing's friggin open. I'm thinking of my fantastic invention of the "trashrito" - spam and potatoes fried in garlic with melted cheese all wrapped in a tortilla. Mmmm. Trashelicious! Seeing as spam is the only meat i actually have in the house and it is Christmas after all it's the best i can do. Then i can have what little beer i have floating around too. Yay.

I think i will watch a DVD a bit later on. I bought a handful of very cheap, very cheesy DVDs yesterday in anticipation of the boredom over this long weekend. Check it out... "The Wraith"... anyone seen it? 1986 drag race/thriller/ghost movie, heavy on the mozzarella. Great memories for one and all. "Virus", some sci-fi for $5? Can't go wrong, even if it's shitty as hell it's cheaper than a new release rental. "Event Horizon" - most of you know this is one of my favorite movies ever. "Dune" for under $10. All three hours of it! Can't go wrong there either. Fun fun fun.

Hope you guys all have a safe and happy Christmas tomorrow :-)
Tags: food, memes, movies, my boring life, sci-fi

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